July – Graffiti in Norwich Cathedral – The Tour

First, thanks to Matt Champion and Jess Macdonald for coming to see us and telling us the story, and the success, of the graffiti survey in Norwich Cathedral plus some interesting insights into how the recording and interpretation of graffiti has evolved over the years.

And so to pt ll, the tour. On July 22nd Jess will be leading a tour of the graffiti in Norwich Cathedral. The tour will start at 2.00pm. The tour will be free to attend but a donation to cathedral funds is encouraged.

Jess was involved in the survey from day one and has seen more of the graffiti in Norwich Cathedral than almost anyone else, so this will be a great opportunity to get up close to some of the more than 5000 pieces of graffiti in the cathedral. If you’d like to join us please book a place on our Eventbrite page.

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