Second World War excavation in Hoxne – 1st and 2nd December

The UEA School of History have gained permission to excavate a small trench in Hoxne, Suffolk and via Tim Holt-Wilson WVCAG members have been invited to join in.

The site is a pond which was filled in with material cleared from local US airfields following the end of the Second World War. Previously, whilst digging a trench for an electrical cable, the owner uncovered numerous bottles, mess kits and parts of an aircraft.

The plan is to spend two days excavating on Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd December. The intention is that they will be on site at 08.30 each morning and leave around 16.00 (or when it gets dark).They would need help excavating, sieving, cleaning finds and drawing sections.

This sounds like a fascinating opportunity to get some real-life excavation experience. Please let Tim know (via the group email) if you are interested

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