May Meeting – After Boudicca, Being Roman in the Land of the Iceni

For our May virtual meeting we we are very pleased to welcome Will Bowden, whose talk – After Boudicca, Being Roman in the Land of the Iceni, is based on the results of excavations at the Roman town of Venta Icenorum, present day Caistor St Edmund.

Photograph © Mike Page

The Iceni were the tribe of Boudicca, who famously revolted against Rome in AD60/61. What happened to the Iceni after the revolt? The limited textual sources paint a picture of impoverishment and scholarship on Roman Britain has often considered the tribal territory as a backwater in the Roman period, with little in the way of villas, mosaics, inscriptions and exotic imports from Gaul and the Mediterranean. However, other archaeological evidence suggests a more complex picture, with the Iceni participating in the Roman world on their own terms and maintaining a distinctive regional identity. This talk will discuss the evidence for the ways in which the Iceni responded to Rome after the death of the queen who made them famous.

Will Bowden is Professor of Roman Archaeology at Nottingham University and has for many years been the project director for the Caistor Roman Project at Venta Icenorum. He is also the author of the new guide book Venta Icenorum, a brief history of Caistor Roman Town which was published last year.

We’ll be meeting via Zoom again on Saturday May 15th at 2.00pm and as ever you can book your tickets via our Eventbrite page. We look forward to seeing you then.

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